Saturday, August 20, 2011


The infamous Vans Downtown Showdown returns to Europe today to take over another major destination. London thought it had its hands full when Jack the Ripper stalked the streets but little did they know that they had just swung open the doors to an onslaught of Europe’s most notorious rippers. Historic heritage site: Old Spitalfields Market in East London (UK) has been confirmed as the venue for the third edition of the now legendary International Skateboarding Spectacle and the stage has been set for proceedings to turn sinister today, 20 August 2011.

Twelve teams have been invited from across Europe to take part in the event, with a variety of specially designed obstacles being build for the occasion, each of which following a distinctively British feel. Expect to see riders from Death Skateboards, Element Europe, Antiz, Superdead, Cliché, Blind Europe, Blueprint, Element, Enjoi and many more handling business for their share of the 50,000 Euros up for grabs on the day.

Entry to Downtown Showdown is free, and there will also be a live webcast on the day too, for those unable to make it to London.

Click the image below to see in live webcast

Picture 47 Vans Downtown Showdown live webcast tomorrow!

With London’s rich history and varied culture as the theme there was no shortage of inspiration for the design of this years obstacles. After much deliberation designs from Death skateboards, cliché and Superdead were selected to be built and feature in today contest.

We managed to get hold of some 'artists renderings' to give you a little taste of what to expect when the finished obstacles are unveiled.

Death Skateboards
Death Skateboards have found a little slice of London history to call their own and Dan Cates had to say the following about their dauntingly titled ‘Ripper Alley’: “This years Death Skateboards obstacle is a tribute to London’s most notorious serial killer, ‘Jack The Ripper’ and is loosely based upon Gunthorpe Street in Whitechapel. A spooky looking alleyway that still stands today leading to George yard where some claim that the first of The Ripper’s victims was found. Death’s obstacle is a skateable interpretation of this Alley in all of its Victorian beauty, complete with blood stains, filth, Ripper graffiti and a rideable version of the infamous ‘Ten Bells’ pub, complete with cellar door. The obstacles contained within the alley are based on some of our favourite London spots past and present and include: South Bank’s original bank to wall, the now defunct Fenchurch street quarter pipes and a bank to bar inspired by the estate near Clapham Junction station.”
Superdead Skateboards
Harry from Superdead was more than happy to share their inspirations: “The Superdead Tavern, a ‘ye olde English pub’ with a twist. The Superdead obstacle contains trap doors, bars and beer barrels - it’s what every good skate spot needs. We were stoked to be asked to take part in the Vans Downtown Showdown this year and even more stoked to design an obstacle. London is steeped in history and it became easy to add a heavy flavour of that history into our design.”
Cliché’s Jeremie Daclin kept things simple, offering a clue as to what to expect on the day: “For this years Vans Downtwon Showdown, Cliché wanted to reflect the London vibe so we came up with an obstacle I’m sure people will get and enjoy to skate. Lets hope we can get the Thames flowing under our bridge.”

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