Saturday, August 20, 2011


I'm very proud to see Arina ripping the bowl at Betongcupen, Malmo, Sweden with gnarly transfer, slashing grind, and speed. I have no regrets for helping Arina to get him sponsored under Quiksilver. Anyway, there are 18 heats altogether. Each heat consist of 3 bowl riders and Arina is on the heat 11 under the pro category. Check it out.

Anyway, If you've never seen the Malmo skatepark then at least you should check out the archived vids because it is SICK!

Built by Placed To Ride skateparks (who did Seaside, OR, helped build Newburg, Lincoln City 1, etc.) and owned by Stefan Hauser. Stefan also helped build/design the Newport skatepark (along with Geth Noble, formerly of Airspeed Skateparks), so it's pretty awesome to see all the crazy stuff Stefan has done around the world. Click here for the event schedule

Watch Ultra Bowl III (19 - 21 August) live webcast HERE (click any heat to watch) or click the logo below

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