Monday, August 15, 2011


These are not your ordinary old school / 80's retro / fish tail board. These are pure carving board called carver skateboards. The only different about carver is the front trucks would have to turn more than the back one in order to approach the turn dynamic of a Thruster surfboard.

It all started one quiet summer in Venice, California. Greg and Neil had been surfing all winter, and were pumped to surf the warm waters of the Breakwater in the long days of summertime, but it was flat as a puddle. Not even a longboard ripple to justify getting wet. So, like many generations before them, they took to the streets with skateboards in search of hills to surf. The historic neighborhoods of Venice and Santa Monica are a veritable skate park of steep alleys and banks, and as they dropped in on these asphalt waves they were struck with how unlike surfing it was. Sure, they sort of got a surf-like experience, as much as standing on a board and banking turns can provide, but they really missed the snap that a surfboard has, that crisp pivot you get at the tail that lets you really pump a wave for speed. Their skateboards felt stiff by comparison. But as they loosened the trucks, all they got was speed wobble, and the steepest hills became virtually un-skateable. Even with loose trucks, the dynamic of the turn was still all rail-to-rail, and picking up the nose in a tic-tac at high speed down a steep incline wasn't ideal.

Read the whole history HERE at Carver Skateboards

If you are looking for Carver Skateboard in Malaysia; please click Carver Malaysia or get them from Wheel Love Skateshop

Check out the local surf skate community carving the bowls (video by Idan / Three Libra). Most of them were surf-boarders. When there's no for big waves / monsoon season (just like skateboard history); carver skateboards will help to improve their surfing skills.

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