Monday, August 8, 2011


Billabong City Squared Asia this year for the first time City Squared is expanding to an Asia Pacific Series. Taking place in five cities across Asia, Australian and new Zealand with bringing some of the world's top skaters to compete in amazing downtown settings.

In each of the five downtown locations a unique street course is constructed. International skaters are invited to compete, and the Asia Pacific Series will feature some of the top skaters from around the world.

Malaysian skateboarders that were invited:
Mohd Fikry aka Usher; Haadi Zaharin (Joey); Azreen Azman; and Adam Zari

Locations and dates:
Singapore - August 27th
Jakarta - September
Shanghai - October
Melbourne - April 2012
Auckland - April 2012

International Top Skaters:
Ben Gore, Chris Wood, Reece Warren, Marius Syvanan, Bucky Lasek, Wes Kremer and more!

Here's the teaser for Billabong City Squared Asia 3

Heres 2 footage of the previous City Squared 2

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