Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This is Muhammad Shah Rezza Bin Shah Rahim or known as Shah Rezza from Singapore. He was hospitalised few days ago at Ward 21; bed 4; NUH, Singapore due to downhill longboard accident.

On Sunday, doctor removed part of the skull to give space for the brain cos it is swelling. Was on life support since till this morning (12 hours ago). Doctor decided to give him another 2 more days to survive. He is still breathing, just that he is breathing without life support, doctors are waiting to see if he can manage to pull it thru without life support. His family are hoping for a miracle now..in this last few days of ramadhan, they can only wish for the best.

To all Malaysian skateboarders (especially near by Singapore), if you have nothing to do now, the family need our support and help, we cant do much right now but only to offer prayers and our visit will let the families know that we care.

Let us all pray for the best to Shah Rezza and his family. Insya Allah

Dua's while visiting the sick

As alullah al-'azheem rabb al-'arsh al-'azheem an yashfeeka
Translation: I ask Allah the Supreme, Lord of the magnificent throne to cure you


Anonymous said...

is ti true he wasnt using an helmet?

Anonymous said...

true none a single of them don any safety gear, not even the basic crash helmet.

Anonymous said...

i am his cousin i felt so sad when i went to the cemetery to buried ahhhh he is just 21 yrs old he is young y must be him i love him so much thx for everything that u have done to ask. shah rezza

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