Saturday, August 6, 2011


After Thai Chi Tour video, once agan Patrick Wallner from Visual Travelling come out with another video called "Where Do We Land?"but this time first time on High Definition (HD) project with all spoken in Chinese in it.

The video consist of The Converse China skateboard team; Keng Qu, Thrasher, Xu Ying, Blackie, Dan Leung and Xiao Xing; ventured up north to give their neighbor, Mongolia, a week long visit! Besides filming skateboarding in Ulaanbaatar, the troupe journeyed through the chilly Gobi Desert via camels, stayed in traditional yurts and experienced some unwelcoming as well as sketchy situations while trying to just film some maneuvers on rough terrain.

Directed, filmed & edited by Patrik Wallner.

"Where do we Land?" (Full Length) Converse China trip to Mongolia from Patrik Wallner on Vimeo.

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