Friday, November 11, 2011


This is old within the local longboard / downhill community and we are so busy till we almost forget to post it here. Sorry Redza & Titan Skateboards.

Titan Skateboards is 100% DIY; owned, hand made and skated by Malaysian. Previously known as Godjira Speedboards few years back. What is so special about them? Well it was hand-crafted by 16 years old boy skateboarder. We have seen a few prototype and tested it and yet recommended.

Its RM300 for all wood, and RM450 with fibreglass. A 50% deposit is placed upon order. If you're a skateboard abuser and ride like a boss, them grab the fiberglass one. Its a tank! But if you love your deck and sleep with it, we suggest the all wood design, cause you can customize it by painting when you can't really paint fibreglass.

You choose your colour for the all wood design, one simple colour. Graphics or designs will be given a quote separately added to the total.

For the fiberglass the stock colours are in the pictures section on facebook pages. (close to grey, greenish tint)

For orders please contact : /

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