Saturday, November 12, 2011


Legendary pro skater Christian Hosoi just released a longboard last month (i think i heard about this last year October from Skate and Annoy) that is made from corn husks and stalks. Yes, I said longboard (now you know who skate longboard too), corn husks and stalks. Who knew you could make $485 longboards out of the stuff? And here I was wasting my time making pop corn!

The Stalk It 48Five Christian Hosoi Signature Series Longboard is the first of its kind for the legendary skater. It is manufactured by the Stalk It Company, which uses CornBoard in the construction of the longboard's deck. CornBoard is comprised of corn husks, stalks, leaves and resin that is molded and then combined with layers of wood laminate. As would be expected, Hosoi's signature model features the Rising Sun graphic that he has become synonymous with. In addition, it has 180mm Paris trucks, 3DM Avila 75mm wheels and Seismic Tektron ABEC-7 bearings. It is available for sale through the Stalk It website and the $485 purchase price is said to include a helmet and accessories. As far as dimensions go, it is 9 ¼ inches wide, 40 inches long and sports a 33 inch wheel base. That makes it ideal for cruising around the neighborhood, carving and generating speed. There is no kicktail though, just in case you were wondering.

The technology, quality, and craftsmanship of the components add to the board’s plush ride and provides the responsiveness that a Pro Skater like Hosoi demands of his board. The first time that he rode his new Signature board, Hosoi exclaimed “This board is amazing man, it handles like a Ferrari.”

More info from other web where they announce it last month:

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