Wednesday, November 2, 2011


pic above taken from old Transworld magazine article at Ross Ramp

Howard Montaque was here last week for the MotoGP and we had a great time skating, hanging out and jamming few days after the race. Anyway, who is Howard? Well he used to ride for Gullwing trucks and Foundation Skateboards back then (Here's the 2009 post to refresh your memory). By the way, its good to see him again and here's a footage (below) of last week session. Nothing much serious, just pushing, rolling, cruising and having fun.

Howard also planning to help the local scene especially in soft goods branding to sell them in the states. If anyone interested, send me your designs or catalogue and pricing to :


Anonymous said...

Sick ripper! Aggro rider! Freight train!

Howard Montaque said...

STOKED!!! Thanks to Boy and Disaster Funhouse for always making my trips to Malaysia a success. LOVE the coverage!

Thanks to Yuli for coming out.

Please send your shirt and bag brand info to me.

R.I.P. Marco Simoncelli you will be missed.

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