Friday, November 18, 2011


Another photo contest!!!! Yeah it's that time again, school's out, time's at hand, what'cha gonna do?

Bloody skate of course! You'd probably take some photographs of yourselves rippin' that slope with yo slides, pulse through that course at high speeds, landing that perfect ghostflip or maybe just cruising around enjoyin' the scenery. Then maybe upload the pictures onto your Facebook account and set it as profile picture and change it after a month or so..

Instead of wasting the internet with that picture, why not waste the internet with your picture, HERE, at the 2011 Photograph Jam?? And stand a chance to win some janky prizes while you're at it?

Here's the janky prizes:

1st place:
1x DGK Skateboard Deck / 1x Triple 8 Helmet / 1xRM50 Wheel Love Voucher / 1x T-Shirt

2nd Place:
1x Koston Skateboard Deck / 1xRM50 Wheel Love Voucher / 1x T-Shirt

3rd Place:
1x Boonga Shoes / 1x RM50 Wheel Love Voucher / 1x T-shirt

How to Participate:

1) RSVP this event and click Attending

Picture with most likes wins!

Rules and Regulation:
1) Any skateboarding acts or discipline may participate.
2) More than one picture may be used however only one prize shall be given out to participants.
3) Pictures must have a skateboard/longboard/a plank with two pairs of trucks and four wheels.
4) Pictures must have participants wearing a helmet.
5) No nudes. We are not looking for porn. There are many sites that would serve that purpose.
6) All pictures posted must have the upload dates during or after November 1st to level the playing field.

7) MALAYSIANS only. Sorry..

Pictures violating the rules shall be terminated.
Everyone is invited to join! Be it seasoned newbie or total pro!


Winners shall be announced on 18th December at a BBQ Party in Wheel Love. All is invited!

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