Thursday, November 3, 2011


Shoot a 40 seconds video of yourself executing your favourite stunt for a chance to win attractive cash and gift prizes worth $2500! Make sure to include a Sparkling H-TWO-O drink while you are having fun. PARTICIPATION IS FREE!!!

Closing date of video submission: 3rd November 2011
Closing date f video voting: 25th November 2011

You will need to upload your video on the the Sparkling H-TWO-O Ultimate Xtreme Challenge application programme. Simply fill up the registration form and you will be guided to the upload page. Once you are on the upload page, you will be prompted to share an address of the video sharing website (e.g Youtube) that you have uploaded your video on. Simply copy and paste that address, click on submit and you're on you way to winning great prizes!!! Here's the link of the application:

Once in the application, Sparkling H-TWO-O Ultimate Xtreme Challenge needs:
- Your email address - Your profile info: birthday, interests and likes - Your photos

Think you have what it takes to beat the rest of the competition? Submit your Ultimate Xtreme trick and stand to win $200 Cash + Gift Prizes worth $400!!!

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