Tuesday, February 5, 2013


During my trip to KL for the DC Shoes Tour, this is what i been up to pretty much. Just filming the guys there and kinda skate along with them and have a good time. Well most definitely I had a super good time there! Thanks to all the guys there for sure! Anyways, hope to come out to KL soon and skate with you guys! Cheers! - Mark Ak

Filmed & Edited by : Mark Ak.

Skaters in Order of Appearance : Shah, Aliff Kaizal, Nizar Hashim, Faris Sarkhan, Wan Irman, Alif Suhaimi, Kareem Adnan, Nizam Lee, Akyb Afandi, Porock Luis, Tony Sruntul, Bugs Fardell, Jake Hayes, Kieran Reilly, Tommy Fynn & Andrew Peters.

Music : 1. Roll of the Eye by Liam Finn | 2. Feel Like That by Guards


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