Sunday, February 10, 2013


Rapture produce and selling their own brand t-shirt towards the youth and adults.
Formed and organized by Malaysians. Go Local!

Their passion towards the US strokes arts and the interest of legendary skateboard designers like Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz has driven them to create their own design clothing into the MALAYSIA clothing industry.

Knowing that, they also have the ability to produce and create something new as well as good materials into the local market, they strive to provide the best towards the consumers and fans.

So, 'like' their facebook page and also surf through our site [] for our latest and upcoming works and products through out the year.

Further inquiries and info, contact us:
Rudy: 019-2171735
Zooly: 016-3284542


Mr. Rudy said...

Thanks byk2 Abg Boy Ipoh. I appreciate it very2 much!!!! :)

Mr. Rudy said...

Thanks byk2 Abg Boy Ipoh! I appreciate this very2 much!!! :)

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