Thursday, February 21, 2013


Here comes another new local brand. Started by Yati who are wellknown for her successful Girl Meet Skate gathering and competition back then. Read the rest below

Cinta Skateboards : A skateboard for the lady.
The logo is actually a rose. Girls are like a rose. Different color represent different personality. Cinta? Love is cinta in Malay languange. Its in Malay so that people know its a Malaysian brand and a Malaysia company. Why cinta? Love for skateboarding. the brand come from the idea that girls need to have their own board company so that its proven the sport is actually not a man sport and its actually a girls sport also. a lady can still be enjoying skateboarding and dont feel that they are boyish n so on. so that comes the idea of this product n branding. its fully owned n design by girl skateboarder. for the man who supporting the involvement of girl skater also can buy our product to say that you are supporting us! :)  - Yati of Cinta Skateboards

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