Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Principle Footwear presents "Core Made Me Do It" feat. Joe Kuantan @ HellQuarters. 

Principal are the first Malaysian company to produce skateboard shoes because they are committed in making a change in the local skateboarding scene. Their shoes insoles feature our own R&D'd technology called " Impact Cushion". It is made from TPR gel and placed under the heel to protect your feet from heel-bruise. Their shoes also feature superior grip on the outsole because of the design and the natural gum rubber material they use. The suede they use is the best in the market and is very durable. It won't lose it's shape easily and maintains it's characteristics through time. Besides that, they also provide waxed-laces to ensure longer-lasting shoelaces.

This video was shot in one day and it features their first skate shoes called the "Core" and our rider Joe Kuantan.

Principle Footwear team consist of Joe Kuantan, Akyb Afandi, and Kecik Fahmi. 

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Song Credits: Ice Cube - Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It
Videographer, Editor, Director: Azeez
Skateboarder / talent : Joe Kuantan
Company: Principle Footwear
Product: Core

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