Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The Malaysian name Laksaman Skateboards is a SSM registered brand here in Kuala Lumpur. The name Laksamana was chosen as a representative of where this board is from. The word Laksamana means Warlord/Admiral in the Malay language and I felt it appropriate given the battles in competition I've endured both locally and internationally through out my skateboarding career, defending the nations pride. Skateboarding has been my life since the age of 11 years old and to a reasonable extent.., skateboarding is all I know and is all I believe in. During the course of finding the right board I have knocked on many doors and paid ridiculous prices for sample to finally come to rest with a manufacturer that I trust with both shape and more importantly quality. Modeled around the Creature Boards (in shape and NOT design), this board has proven itself in my personal opinion, to be of equal quality to boards found in the United States and Europe. Infact...I would skate nothing else but... LAKSAMANA! - Kieron Brodie

The Logo.
Laksamana's corporate Logo was based on all thing Malaysian. The Keris is a Malaysian weapon used by Laksamana's in the 9th century and the palm trees in the back of the design represent the tropics. The main feature the Borneo Rhino, an endangered species, was chosen as it represents to me the strength and determination to survive so often seen by Malaysian people. You have also probably noticed that the Rhino is wearing a Tongkolok on its head which also is a representative of the Laksaman's/Warlords of the 9th century in Malaysia.

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