Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Here's the latest updates. Please take note about the CASH PRIZES. IT'S RM1K NOT RM1,5K as we posted earlier. To participate please text your detail such as full name and IC no to : 017 - 6617105. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

hello this is koya but i cannot send sms to you so can i register there ?
my name is koya miyasaka and my ic i write it there
thank you

Boy said...

better now Koya. Send it here and i'll text to that number for you - Boy Ipoh

Anonymous said...

8 - 9 january "2010" ?????

Anonymous said...

8 - 9 january 2010 ??? 2010 or 2011 ?

skatemalaysia said...

Typo error tu. Thaks kerana perasan but flyer to bukan kami yg reka. So kalau nak minta baru i think esok pun dah Khamis....

Nway, its normal coz over a year most people use to type 2010 on the date. it will be normal after this..then next year people will typo 2011 for 2012 event for the 1st few weeks of the new year. It's no big deal. On our event page date is 2011.

The previous post we wrote also 2011. So u should know its a typo


Nak tunggu flyer baru pun lagi brapa hari je ni. have fun ok : )

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