Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Wow, i must say our scene is growing and growing lately with the existence of skateshop all over the country and also now we have tons of online skateshop such as the pioneer BB Skates, then we have Wheel Love with HZ Skateshop (both started as online first but now operates skateshop), Ground Zero and the list goes on.

Today we are going introduced you with LOOP DISTRIBUTION!!! I think most of you aware about them. They did an official launching on November last year and may open their own skateshop soon. According from the source we heard, Loop is a re-brand of Amer Izani; former company "Grindhouse Enterprise" (Grindhouse Skateshop in Johor). Currently they have quite a number of skate products with them such as Lakai, Fallen, DVS, VOX, and Dekline for footwear; skateboards such as Jart, Anagram and Zero; and trucks from Thunder and Destructo.

As for now they have sponsored two of the local skaters and they are Man Extra & Perak JB. Well what are you waiting for. Get them gears at Loop!!! Support your local skate shop!!!

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