Monday, January 10, 2011


Few months back, there's this one annoying kid spitting bad thing about longboarding on our facebook page. What a shame... Longboarding is skateboarding; and has been around since the 50's off surfing community before street skating existed in the mid 80's. Know your roots before you say bad things about others coz people will laugh at you and in the end you will end up being left alone in your own world. Please do your research or googling the web first before you say anything.

Longboarding scene in KL / Selangor in general is now growing by leaps and bounds, with more events and participans each session. Though normal skateboarding / shortboarding and trick skateboarding is still the dominant scene here and elsewhere, many skate shops such as Wheel Love, Hz Skateshop, radioactive and Billabong outlets begun carrying longboards and longboard equipment, and the locals are looking forward to having the first longboards store in the local scene area dedicated exclusively to longboards with the much anticipated opening of Wheel Love’s in Subang more than a year ago. So far they are the only great place to learn about the equipment, meet fellow local longboarders, and find out about local events.

The LGM session is the strongest local longboarding session / event so far. The monthly session now become a weekly session is held every Saturday or Sunday from 9am till 2pm in various location such as Taman Metropolitan Kepong (TMK - for beginner), Janda Baik (JB) for intermediate and Kuala Kubu (KKB) / Hulu Langat (HL) for more expereinced and advanced skaters. Riders who show up are of all skill levels and ages, and anyone who shows up can expect to see the more experienced riders doing their thing, have the chance to ride and give input on various new and even prototype boards and wheels, learn skills as varied as simple pushing and footbraking, carving, sliding, downhilling, or slalom, and generally have a good time and meet other longboarders.

Recently held session (as shown photo above) had the most participants ever in Janda Baik. Everyone trying their very best level to gain improvement and expereinced and get ready for the upcoming events in Kuala Kubu (KKB) on 29th January 2011 (event detail soon). So, whoever is there and whatever we do, it's still all about having fun. Peace!

Photo credit : Siti "Kich" Roslan


Anonymous said...

Hey all, my name is Jamie. Im a long boarder from Australia presently in KL for a few months work. I would love to hook up with a crew to skate with if there is one locally. please hit me up if you wanna hang.



Anonymous said...

hi, i'm nia
I'm new to the skateboarding world
know anyplace where i can get skateboarding gear?

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