Thursday, January 13, 2011


Reverie Wearable Connection is organizing a skateboarding best line competition at Go Sports Margaret Drive to commemorate the end of 22 years of operations at Margaret Drive. Opened in 1988, Go Sports will be moving to a new location in February 2011.

Reverie Best Line Competition
Date: Sunday 29th January 2011

Location: Go Sports MD
Time: 11am
Registration can only be completed online at Reverie
Cost: $10 payable on the day of the competition

2 categories:
Under 18 years old (25 skaters)
Above 18 years old (25 skaters)

1st place : G-Shock watch & Trophy/Medal
2nd place : Go Sports to announce prize at a later date (Trophy/Medal)
3rd place : Draven shoes and a Fuct T-shirt & Trophy/Medal

To learn more about Reverie or registration for the skate challenge please visit their blog : and facebook page.

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