Friday, June 29, 2012


Santai Skateboards Video Quiz
Quiz # 1
This quiz test levels are: 3/10

Questions: Name the skateboarder in the video and name the trick?

Term & conditions of participation

1. This quiz is open to all residing Malaysian citizens.
2. Each participant must post the answer in the video link on Santai Skateboards facebook (Here's the link).
3. Each participant was given a one-off opportunity to answer. If more than one answer by the same participants then only the first answer they give will be considered.
4. The questions is "Name the skateboarder in this video and name the trick " - EXAMPLE - Tony Hawk, 50-50 to Backside Kickflip out.
5. Participants who give the MOST CORRECT ANSWER and earliest will be the winner.
6. The contest will be judged by Santai Skateboards professional skateboarder. The decision of judges is final.
7. Winners will be announced on the official Santai Skateboards facebook page and the winner will receive a Santai Skateboards Deck with Griptape.
8. Closing date of this quiz will be announced officially by Santai Skateboards admin.

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