Sunday, June 3, 2012


The Amateur Downhill Skateboard Race series being held in Bukit Tunku. The event is set for the 10th of June 2012. The track is a technical, but slow and simple track we call Maggie Run, at Bukit Tunku, Selangor. The fastest speed a person can achieve there is no more than 50kmph and it is only achievable towards the end of the track. Perfect beginners' race course. 

The race is open to anyone who is willing to join. However, the race is only open to racers who have never won top 5 in any race, outlaw or official, before. 

Date: Date: 9th June 2012
Time: The event starts at 9am, everyone gets practice runs. By 10am, race starts, road will only be open to racers. 

*We will try and finish the race as fast as possible to avoid confrontations with the locals or authority. 

Racers must:
-Wear safety equipment, with a minimum of a helmet, gloves and shoes.
-Know at least basic footbraking or sliding to a stop.
-Never got top 5 in any race before.

*The race is open to all participants from any countries.
*Only a minimum of 32 riders are allowed to participate. The registration will be closed once this number is reached.
*Registration fee is RM15, inclusive of water.
*Registration fees shall be paid on track.

To register, e-mail your
Name, phone number and country to:

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