Saturday, June 16, 2012


Ever wondered if the New World Order, Secret Societies, Masonic Symbolism and Subliminal Messages in the Media really existed and were actually true??? Wait no more! 

Moola Presents…Dark Media X Weekend

Featuring - 
1. Art Exhibition by Moola, PeaceBeUponYou, Urban Village and more
2. Launching of Moola Lifestyle brand ( 

3. Screening - 
9am-10.30am: Documentary Film “Outfoxed: War on Journalism” 

4. Workshop & Q&A -  
-10.30am-12.30pm: Nizal Mohammad (Media Mogul) on “Media: The Good, The Bad, The Pretty & The Ugly”
- 2pm-5pm: Dr. Omar Zaid (Secret Societies Specialist) on “Masters of the Dark Arts & the New World Order”
- 8pm: Imran N. Hosein (End Times Expert) on “Symbolism in the End Times” 

@ Urban Village, Bangsar, 23rd June 2012

*Limited Seats! RSVP at / 012 238 9171 (Zam) *

Xpose! Xhibit! Xplore! – DARK MEDIA X

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