Thursday, April 12, 2012


photo by Bazly

Local judge Mariss been mugged and street fight with 2 muggers in 1 times..He collapsed after these animals used brass knuckle and hit his face twice.

Marris is now at HUKM hospital together with Acap (ex-Revo mag photographer). Acap's car registration plate WTR997 (white Honda Civic) was stolen by these animals. These so called animals ran away together with a blue BMW car (they didn't get the register number). Anyone seen these car today please report it to the police or take some photos or videos with your hi-tech smart phone. Thank you.

To Mariss and Acap, we pray for your health. May Allah grant you guys a fast recovery and restore your health Insha'Allah!

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dean said...

blue BMX?

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