Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Map to Taman Mawar (No flyers yet at the moment)

Skate gathering and BBQ Moreh

Open for all from north to east to west to south..Come even singapore :)

Extra Privilege For any 50 Person early bird register before event date:
*Registration through cal or PM fbl, find our admins (Wan Extra, Kimi, Nureddy, Toy Extra and Gab)
*Each early bird will get limited our stickers from Organisasi Papan Selaju Johor
*Rm10 for the early bird

For any registration on the event date:
*Registration fees for competition and BBQ will be RM5 each.

Each registration will having a bbq coupon to be redeem.
Events start 3pm
6pm bbq setup take place

Sponsor by:
Back 2 back skateboard (Interstate skateshop)| Deuce brand | N79 skateshop

Event page on facebook

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