Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Here's the updates from the previous one that we've posted last month. We heard that this year would be the LAST X Games in Shanghai. Wish that it comes back to Malaysia.

Be the first to view the participant list for street / park category (*WC - Wild Card). Not available from any web source. Only from Skatemalaysia.

1 Milton Martinez-1st Argentina
2 Tomas Vintr - 2nd Czech Republic
3 Tulio de Oliveria -3rd Brazil
4 Tetsuharu Sal - 4th Japan
5 Xi Bin China
6 Li ZhiXing China
7 Hu TianYou China
8 Padin Musa Malaysia
9 Kieron Brodie Malaysia
10 Jirawat Pao-in Thailand
11 Mohd Farris Bin Abdul Rahman Singapore
12 Mohd Feroze Bin Abdul Rahman Singapore
13 Mohd Firdaus Bin Abdul Rahman Singapore
14 Lu Hung Chen Chinese Taipei
15 Ryo Sejiri Japan
16 Tyler Hendley - USA International wc
17 Braulio Saga - Argentina International wc
18 Kevin Chen Taiwan
19 Max Kruglov - Russia International wc
20 Greg Lutzka - USA International wc
21 Kelvin Hoefler - Brazil International wc
22 Austen Seaholm - USA International wc
23 Danilo Rosario - Brazil International wc
24 TBD Korea Skateboard schedule (subject to change)

28th April (Day 1)
12.30PM Sk8 Street Practice
13.30PM Sk8 Street Qualifer
14.00PM Sk8 Big Air Pratice
16.00PM Sk8 Vert Practice

29th April (Day 2)
14.30PM Sk8 Vert Practice
15.15PM Sk8 Street Practice
16.00PM Sk8 Vert Elimination

30th April (Day 3)
12.30PM Sk8 Street Practice
12.45PM Sk8 Big Air Warm Up
13.15PM Sk8 Big Air Final
16.30PM Sk8 Vert Practice

1st May (Day 4)
12.00PM Sk8 Vert Practice
13.45PM Sk8 Vert Final
15.00PM Sk8 Street Practice

Check out Kia X Games Asia 2012 website

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