Thursday, January 12, 2012


Here's a footage of local skateboard team from Wangsa Maju / Sri Rampai (KL) area. The crew known as Zoomers. The video consist bunch of Zoomers crew who are young, talented and brave. They have more videos on their youtube account. So enjoy it. Share your ideas, unite and be their friends.

To all skaters all over Malaysia, if you have a small crew / team going on. Just shoot a video of your group, create a facebook pages or group. Then send us a link and we will do the promo for you here in Skatemalaysia.

Most importantly, no footage of underage kids doing negative or unhealthy behaviour such as smoking, or show middle finger and that sort of thing. The whole Malaysia is watching your video so please.... Think again coz your attitude or behaviour may spoil the reputation of Malaysian skateboarding scene. You want people to respect our scene. Then we should respect your own self first. Lastly, have fun......

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