Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Temerloh Skate Jam 2012 : Stay Sodoi

Result Temerloh Skate Jam 2012:
- For Run Competition;
1) Yusshazwan Adnan a.k.a Yus
2) Yusfareezuan Adnan a.k.a Puyeh
3) Farikh Amstrong a.k.a Candu

- Game Of SKATE:
1) Iqbal Semantan

- Best Trick Rail:
1) Beto ( Kickflip Bs 50-50)
2) Kudin ( Fs Noseblunt Slide Fakie Out)
3) Iqbal ( Fs 50-50 to Boardslide)

For more photos please check out Temerloh Skate on facebook
* sorry we only new about this event flyer on the day of the event. Someone please do update us ASAP next time.

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