Sunday, January 29, 2012


Hero Malaya 2011..Who will earn it?..
There is term and condition is:

1.Go grab your board
2.Have fun with it
3.Mingle with everyone
6.Hahaha there are no rules actually just do your things bro and sister!!!!..who knows you will earn it..

They will try their best to make it happen and reality, as promising they will introduced to you guys their first Hero Malaya 2011 on their future event which the Kayuh Riuh 2012. They have listed a few of Malaysia local skaters. So be there and they promise that you guys will feel want to participant their next Kayuh Riuh in year to come. Sustaining the event is their priority, so come join them and enjoy their annual event. They always welcoming you guys..

Hero Malaya 2011 sponsor by:
N&z Extreme Johor Bahru, Mural design by Art Untuk Rakyat(AUR) and crafted by theirvery own Otai Johor Mr Bobby.

More info check out Organisasi Papan Selaju Johor

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