Thursday, October 13, 2011


There's a few people out there still wondering; confusing; or maybe lost in the way WHY downhill skateboarding, street luge, longboarding can be part of skateboarding (or why we promote them here). Some even cannot accept the fact. Well, it is skateboarding. Deal with it!!! Love it or not; it's part of the history and origin of skateboarding (besides surfing). Skateboarding is not just about street, vert, ramp, pools and bowl. There's more than you think. You might never seen or heard of it before coz some of it have become less popular. Yet many magazines started to concentrate more on the popular ones. Just take example of freestyle skating or slalom. Thrasher magazine used to have tons of article or coverage on it but now not anymore right? Same goes to downhill skateboarding. It got less popular within the skateboard community back in the mid 80's but that doesn't mean it's gone for good.

Now, freestyle skateboarding and slalom is coming back and yet growing in Europe and also in Asian country such as in Japan, Philipines, Singapore and offcourse Malaysia. Longboarding and downhill skateboarding has grown fast for the past 3 years from all over the world. I mean what is wrong with it? It's a good thing right? Proves that skateboarding is growing. Doesn't matter short, long, medium, wide, flatland, transitions, going downhills or sideways. We are all part of the skateboarding family. Isn't that a good thing?

I mean what year is it now? Is it really hard to get information these days? You don't have to go to libraries to do research. Just google and BAM!!! You got them answer right in front of your screen. Won't you feel ashamed if people asked you about skateboard history but end up you don't know anything? I mean off course we are not going for exams but knowledge is very important. At least you have the right answer. Not just playing smart arse and end up making fool of yourself and also skateboarding. I'm talking facts here. You love skateboarding right? Then get to know more about it. Nuff said.

As a proof, here's few covers and articles on downhill skateboarding appeared in Thrasher magazine from the 80's!!! Now shut up and skate!!!!

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