Sunday, October 16, 2011


Yes Kiara Skatepark closed due to some program called Wipe Out (if not mistaken the famous Australian tv game show). As you can see from the picture above, they had removed everything (including the vert). From what i've heard the management decided to close the park for 2 months only temporary for this program.

We heard a lot of people complaint bout it and here's what we think and also little advised from us.

1. They only closed it temporary (not permanently) and will put up the obstacle back soon. So no need to worried. 2 months just a short time.

2. We also heard another news that the management allowed Joe Ipoh to redesign the skatepark. Hope this is true.

3. Why complaint? There's plenty other Malaysian skatepark you can go to and all of them is entry free.

4. Even IF they closed them permanently. Still that doesn't mean you can't skate at all. Besides skatepark, you can still skate elsewhere such as the street, sidewalk, car park, skate spot, downhill and many more. Skateboard were meant to skate anywhere that skatable. You all just have to be creative.

5. So what we trying to say is "Skateboarding will not die even if there's no skatepark at all in Malaysia" that's for sure. So stop complaining...Just go out and skate!
Thanks Hanief Shuhaimi / Skate4Mation for the pic.

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