Tuesday, September 27, 2011


photos by Warren Stuart

Here's a couple of images of Fanling Skatepark in Hong Kong. The newest skatepark made by the guys from Convic. Yet the best so far we guess. We can't recall how many skatepark they have now in Hong Kong but most of them seems to be really good in construction and this was cost for HK$51Million. Damn, we wish we can go there someday.

Recently on 24th September; all Hong Kong's extreme athletes had the chances to test ride the park and they were happy with it. Skatepark will be fully open on November 2011. READ MORE HERE

Fanling Skatepark, located at 39 On Luk Man Street, Fanling, Hong Kong.

Check out the video below shoot by Warren of hkskateboarding.com / x-fed.com

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