Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Reminder to all Malaysian especially skateboarders and film-makers out there. Don't forget this Friday night 8pm @ The Annexe Gallery, Central Market (CM), Kuala Lumpur (Click here for map)

A film by Mustafa Davis:
Crescent Collective present WAYWARD SON – The Jordan Richter Story is the intimate story of professional skateboarder Jordan Richter and his rapid rise and disappearance from the sport of skateboarding. Jordan embraced the religion of Islam in the mid 90’s and out of what he felt was a religious obligation, quit professional competition. 15 years later he learns that skateboarding is not prohibited in Islam and making up for lost time, attempts a comeback.
Below were footage taken 3 weeks ago by Birdhouse featuring Jordan Richter with Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain and friends.

Here's another old footage of Jordan Richter in Blind Skateboards "Video Days"

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