Saturday, July 30, 2011


Judi Oyama with Steve Caballero

The Blank Club, Santa Cruz Skateboards & Independent Trucks Proudly Presents WINCHESTER SKATEPARK 30 YEAR REUNION With your host JOE SIB With DJ Ally playing WSP era music & Video showings.

Saturday, July 30, Doors 8pm, Free
44 South Almaden Avenue (at Post Street)
San Jose 95113


The Winchester SkatePark opened with a bang, closed with a whimper and had plenty of both in between. During a three-year run of concussions and compound fractures that ended 30 years ago Saturday, the only thing that remained unbroken was the park's ability to deliver hellacious high-speed fun.

The Winchester Skatepark was arguably one of the best 1st generation skateparks ever built. Located in San Jose, CA between 1978 and 81 it became the center of the skateboarding scene in San Jose, influencing the punk skateboarding movement and introducing the world to Steve Caballero. To commemorate the park The Blank Club is having a 30th Reunion party today with a night to see old friends and share old photos and memorabilia.

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