Friday, July 22, 2011


Come and support the event. Participants from The Philippines, USA and Singapore is coming too. Plus friends from Roller Derby KL and many more.

All racer please check your name below. If your name is not in the list or need assistance for directions please call Jes M Izman @ 0102730675 or email to: / MalayaStreetBombers@gmail.​com

The meet up and registration will be at Camp ABC, Janda Baik at 10am. Click HERE to check out CAMP ABC web and below is the map. See you there.

Map to Camp ABC and race route - Click the map below and you can see there's 2 exit. From KL towards Karak Highway; Exit - 803 Genting Sempah and go thru the back road or exit 804 Bukit Tinggi. In the map, look for Pintu Gerbang. Go up thru the "Pintu gerbang" and go straight and look for Camp ABC signboard. Registration and camp setup is there. As for the race road, it is the one before Pintu Gerbang written TO BENTONG OLD ROAD. That's the race route. Cheers

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