Wednesday, July 27, 2011


You might have seen it on Wheel Love few weeks back or maybe somewhere else about a group of Englishmen travel to Burma filming skateboarding. If you have not seen it then let's do another round of intro about the famous "Skateboarding monks in Burma" video.

Three skateboarding filmmakers from the United Kingdom headed into Myanmar and come out with a cool little film that mixes skateboard stunts, travelogue and social observation

Their film, called "Altered Focus: Burma" and made public 5 months ago, sees them discover a functional, if somewhat run-down skate park -- "Burma's version of Romford skatepark in England" -- where they hook up with some local skaters to swap tricks; head to a local school to give impromptu English lessons; and hear jokes from the Mustache Brothers, who have to perform from their home, as they are under house arrest.

Before Altered Focus, here's another one that i have bookmarked earlier last year on my pc. The only different is the one below were stunt by the locals. Check them out if you understand German. Also click here about Myanmar Skaters article (pls use Google Chrome to translate in other languages)

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