Saturday, August 7, 2010


Here's another event from Singapore organised by Boards N Stuff (BNS) during their National Day.
Only first 20 to register gets the spot. So registration is only on the day itself starting at 12..
If you come early and the store havent open yet, make a queue so that people knows who came first. Practice from 4pm – 5pm.

- Groups of 5 given 10 freaking minutes to land a line. In other words, its a JAM.
- Obstacles WILL go in order: Grind/Manual Pad > Flatbar > 1/4 Pipe.
- MUST land ALL 3 obstacles for line to be counted .
- Best of the groups will advance to finals.
- Points are based on TRICK DIFFICULTY, STYLE and FLOW.

They have alot of giveaways.Yes free stuff!! But don’t have enough time!!
Any enquiries, ask Hanafie Kamsani on the day itself. He will not entertain any questions outside the event.

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