Thursday, August 19, 2010


I'm so into Vans Downtown Showdown for many years. They always have brilliant, weird, technically, stylish obstacle. But this one is in Europe so check them out!!!

Element team wins Vans Downtown Showdown 2010 ! Guillaume Mocquin, Phil Zwijsen, Mickael Mackrodt and Ross McGouran have ripped off the 4 obstacles the whole day long. Those obstacles were very unique (designed by Cliché, Element, Antiz and Death skateboards) and the jam session format made skating way more spontaneous than 45 seconds runs contests.

At the end of the day, the results have been set down:
Best team of the day: Element Europe
Best Amateur of the day: Phil Zwijsen
Best Pirate skater of the day: Guillaume Mocquin
Cliché Obstacle 1st: Phil Zwijsen
Element Obstacle 3rd: Ross Mc Gouran
Element Obstacle 1st: Phil Zwijsen
Death Obstacle 3rd: Guillaume Mocquin
Death Obstacle 2nd: Michael Mackrodt
Antiz Obstacle 2nd: Ross Mc Gouran
Antiz Obstacle 1st: Guillaume Mocquin

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