Saturday, January 11, 2014


Well, it was fun. We had about 8Km of pushing. We stop few spots and skated there and finished at where we started. Overall, the idea are good but not all roads were 100% closed. Only few roads like route 1 are the longer route and they only closed it till 8:30am. Route 2 which is about 1.5km will closed till 9:30am.We hope more to join in the coming month, be it your are longboarders, penny skateboards or what ever. We also noticed few mountain boarders on the road that day. Board power lets unite!!!

Anyway this is the only time we can skate at the DBKL Square. So do come ok?!!

See ya on the 2nd Feb 2014 (Sunday) session

1 comment:

apit kedah said...

Event yg paling ideal utk kita tnjukkn scene skateboarding kpd org awam.. Teruskan!!

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