Monday, January 20, 2014


Up·Beat (pbt)

1. An unaccented beat or beats that occur before the first beat of a measure. 
Also called anacrusis, pickup.

2. The upward stroke made by a conductor to indicate the beat that leads into a new measure.

This video part is made to give a glance of a different style of skateboarding in Malaysia not to restrict oneself to one particular style because skateboarding is all about being creative, creative and also creative. AND FUN.

We would like to thank DC Shoes Malaysia & Hellbent Skateboarding for making this dream comes to life and also creating a huge impact towards the local skateboard landscape.

Alif Hadi - "I would like to thank all my sponsors and skate buddies that had been there supporting me through ups and downs and made me where i am now. A special thanks to Ali Abrahm for giving the chance to work together and giving 110% of commitment to this video with his countless hours of editing and creative ideas on shots and angles. This video is meant to promote skateboarders in Malaysia to transition skating. I felt that skateboarders in Malaysia only restricted to street skating style while the bowls and ramps are left empty. Enjoy skateboarding."

Ali Abrahm - "Big bunch of thanks to Alif, DC Malaysia & Hellbent Skateboarding for the opportunity to skate & film Alif Hadi in various part of West Malaysia with the intention in mind to improve and improvise my knowledge in skateboarding and cinematography. With the video titled "The Upbeat", dream is to see what future will bring to me, my skateboard and my camera. Believe. "

- Shot with Canon T2i, Sony NEX 5n and the GoPro Hero 3 Black by Ali Abrahm.

- Additional footage (The Jungle - KK, Sabah) by Khairiy Yahiya of 60FPSVM / B-Side Productions & Munir Muhammad of Sibling Skateboard / DC Shoe Malaysia.

Song by -
Love Me Again - John Newman
Taken from the album 'Tribute' 2013
A property of Universal Island Recordings, a division of Universal Music Operations Ltd.


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