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This is old but i decided to post it up here since a lot of kids still asking what is longboard; the history and connection with skateboard (so-called short/ trick board).

On January 26, 2010, surfers and skateboarders alike gathered in San Clemente, California to celebrate the release of a collaboration between surfing legend Greg Noll and Element called Travel Well— a line of three complete skateboards that each represent an era in Noll’s history.

For more photos from the event head to TW Biz as well as Element’s site. Check out the full line of Greg’s board there. More PHOTOS HERE

Element Skateboards and Noll Worldwide teamed up to create a line of custom skateboards.

The Travel Well Greg Noll Collection captured the history of the surf icon’s big wave surfing and innovative board shapes with five iconic boards shaped exclusively for Element, each representing a specific chapter in Noll’s history. Noll is famous for hand shaping and selling the first mass marketed skateboard from his Hermosa Beach shop in 1958, and all five decks display graphics that mirror iconic art from Greg’s storied past.

The Greg Noll Collection captured the artistry and spirit of Greg and Jed Noll, and cements their reputation as essential contributors to surf and skate culture.

"Greg Noll helped pioneer our industry. The Noll brand is an authentic reminder of that and his great contributions to both surfing and skateboarding." commented Johnny Schillereff, Founder and President of Element Skateboards. "We had a highly successful collaboration and showed the relevance and need of their story in the current market place. It was an honor to collaborate with the Noll family."

GREG NOLL - TRAVEL WELL Collection on ebay
Other web source
Video interview with Greg Noll on Element facebook

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