Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Another new local products. Trust me, its going to be more if we all grateful and thankful to Allah SWT. Alhamdulillah...we have another new local brands in the scene and we wish to see more local skateboarders be it old or new keep on supporting local brands.

Currently they have 7 team members; Wan Izzat, Omar Nasir, Aliff Suhaimi, Wan Irman, Mustaqim Madzki and Aiman Eman. Congratulations to all and syukur alhamdulillah. Also tshirts RM35 for both Rumors Team Edition and Rumors Griptape X Sibling Skateboards edition. Available sizes S / M / L

Do check out, support and like RUMORS on facebook


Anonymous said...

kalau nak minta semua support make sure design tu lawa sikit, international standard, ni macam budak darjah 3 lukis jual mahal-mahal, kata local product. nonsense.

skatemalaysia said...

bersyukur seadanya. Jgn mengutuk. Kalau anda honest then sini bukan tempatnya. Direct ke email or facebook mereka...thanks

adam sterry said...

at least RUMORS has done something better than nothing..right so support jelah so they can make another new design grip tape...apalah punya orang kata malaysian tapi tak support bangsa sendiri pun tak guna

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