Tuesday, July 24, 2012


How many of you heard of Disaster Funhouse? The band consist of legendary Joe Ipoh on drums and our crew Boy Ipoh on mic. Formed way back in 1992 and this is their latest release of split release CD with Indonesian (Bandung) hardcore band Hooded.

The split CD available now from utarid:distro for RM15. Write to order! - utariddistro@gmail.com or get them from Joe Ipoh or Boy Ipoh.

“Malaysian Hardcore veteran Disaster Funhouse has make a comeback by offering a 6 new track for the hardcore scene and team up with Bandung’s own Old School Heroes Hooded!” – QSD Records

DF also participate in the infamous local hardcore compilation of “visionville hardcore” circa 1996. Let’s read their bio, and perhaps we can share something about this great bands.- Ijam Restraint

Check out Disaster Funhouse on facebook

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