Wednesday, March 7, 2012


A skate race with a difference. Part push race, part treasure hunt, Longboard Lepak 101 new RAT ROAD RACE isn’t just about who’s fastest, but who’s craftiest too.

Here is how it works:
1. Everyone starts from the starting point at the shop.
2. At the starting line, competitors will be given a simple clue to help find the meeting point.
3. Once they set off, competitors are given free reign to choose their own route, if they know of a better and faster route, all the better.
4. At the meeting point, they’ll have to collect a token from the race official.
5. They’ll then have to race back to the shop/starting line.
6. First person back with the token wins.

This is their first time with this race format you bear with us lab rats. We’ll keep fine tuning it as we go along.

They’ll be opening this race to LONGBOARDERS ONLY as part of our Longboard Lepak 101 session.

PRIZES: Bern protective gear and a Triton longboard deck.
DATE: 11 March 2012. 12noon registration / 2pm race.

See you guys there.

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