Saturday, March 31, 2012


On March 25th, 2012, Larry Stevenson, Skateboard Hall of Famer and founder of Makaha Skateboards, passed away passed at the age of 81. In the late 1950s Larry Stevenson was a lifeguard at Venice Beach and saw a the potential in skateboarding. At the time a skateboard was nothing more then a roller skate nailed to 2×4. He took the basic concept behind the skateboard and took it to the next level with the addition of clay wheels and a surfboard inspired design.

He used the popularity of surfing to bring skateboarding to new heights. In 1965 Larry was producing over 2,000 skate boards a day and almost every kid who surfed or wanted to surfed owned one. In 1969 he patented the kick tail design, which would forever chance the sport as we know it. Like many innovators he was way ahead of the times. It took nearly 20 years for his twin kick tail design to catch on.

For those new to skateboarding or don’t know who Larry Stevenson is, he is the creator of “kicktails” or what today’s skaters call the “nose” and “tail” of a skateboard. His ingenious invention paved the way for tricks like the “ollie” and revolutionized skateboarding. Larry also organised the world’s first skateboarding contest, set up the first skateboarding exhibition team, created the first longboard and publisher of Surf Guide and Poweredge Magazines

Update: Obituaries in the NY Times and LA Times.

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