Sunday, February 26, 2012


"Slide" change to "Songket".. "move/go" change to "Blah" the meaning of "Songket Blah"

Songket Blah was created after had spending together. All of the members had decided to create this group to make them easy in planing their awesome time with enjoying slide together. They came from a different place... They shared, gathered info and collected all longboard (LB) stuff together. Like others, the function of this group is to make them unite like brotha n sista and make their relationship much much more stronger like Jack n Jill..

: They also made some stuff like a shirt for sale..
: sticker is a gift from selling or buying there..

P/S :
They are under Boomslang Family..
Boomslang is a one name and for gathered for all group in Johor..

* Anyone out there who interested with Longboard and want to learn it or need to know/share some info.. buzz them..u r welcome :)

: Desaru : Taman University Skudai Johor : Bukit Timbalan Johor Bahru : Persada Johor Bahru

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