Thursday, February 23, 2012


Art exhibition from local skateboard artist Donald Abraham with Adeputra. Check them out @ Black Box, MAP@Publika, Solaris Dutamas, KL. Exhibition started from 18th Feb till 26th Feb 2012, 10am till 6pm

An exhibition by two artists Adeputra Masri and Donald Abraham, Bikin Cerita is their latest works that employs drawing and mixed medium.

Bikin Cerita means to derive a story based on their current surroundings associated with social, cultural and current issues. The combination of the two artists from different generations bares some differences in the way they view the environment and present their stories. Adeputra deals more with current issues and the outpouring of his stories is closely related to issues dealing with mid-age. Donald meanwhile expresses more about the youth culture as well as issues pertaining to his search for identity in a rapidly changing environment.

Even though both their artworks in Bikin Cerita present different styles and skills sets, this exhibition still presents subject matters based upon living in a common environment.

Event page on facebook

*Sorry Donald lambat post. Aku sudah save flyer ni lama and terlepas pandang. Sorry again.

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