Sunday, June 26, 2011


Dogtown surfer, skater and Z-Boy Chris Cahill passed on this week after a lengthy bout with cancer. Cahill was a gifted surfboard shaper and airbrush artist that had spent much of his adult years in Mexico.

Chris Cahill was one of the 12 original Z Boys with Jay Adams, Tony Alva, Jim Muir, Nathan Pratt, Alan Sarlo, Wentzle Ruml, Peggy Oki, Paul Constantineau, Bob Biniak, Shogo Kubo and Stacy Peralta. Cahill was also part of the original Zephyr skate team that competed at Del Mar in 1975, bringing Dog Town style to the world.

Pegggy and Cahill

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Anonymous said...

Chris Cahill was an amazing shaper and fun to be around.I was so lucky to have been taught by him.In the late 80's Chris made me one of his A symmetrical thrusters and It was phenomenal.The talented ones never get the spotlight .The best shapers in the world are not found in Surfer Magazine the ones that advertise are. Thank you Chris for for teaching me to shape against the grain.Jon LaLanne LaLa surfboards.

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