Saturday, June 4, 2011


Results (fun box) - Best Trick Penang Day 1:
1st: Azreen Azman - Nollie heel flip nose slide
2nd: Abdul Fatah - Smith grind kick flip out
3rd: Koya Miyasaka - Board slide to switch 50-50 f/s shuvit out
4th: Yuki Miyasaka - Nose slide to 270 shuvit out

Results (launcher) - Best Trick Penang Day 2:
1st: Yuki Miyasaka - Switch big spin
2nd: Koya Miyasaka - Switch f/s big spin
3rd: Azreen Azman - Switch f/s flip
4th: Fairus Hafiz - 360 flip tail grab

Congrats and cheers to all! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE EVENT PHOTOS

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