Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We have received a good respond from the participants recently. Please sign up and get your name on the competition list now. Registration closed on Saturday morning 9am sharp. WHY? Becoz skateboard competition will begin first. So do it now before it's too late. DOWNLOAD HERE

Skateboard Novice (below 17)
Prizes: 1st - RM400 + medal, 2nd - RM200 + medal, 3rd - RM150 + medal, 4th - RM100, 5th - RM50

Skateboard Open (above 18)
Prizes: 1st - RM700 + medal, 2nd - RM500 + medal, 3rd - RM300 + medal, 4th - RM200, 5th - RM100

FORMAT - Run Format (selected areas only as shown above)

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